What Is Beet Powder

What Is Beet Powder? HOW IS IT PRODUCED?

Beets grown in season are carefully collected and cleaned. The cleaned beet roots are dried at a certain temperature for a certain period of time.

After the drying process, which is made in a way that the color and aroma, especially the vitamins and minerals in beets, are not lost, they are powdered in special mills without adding any additives. It does not contain any additives, does not contain gluten.

Where Is Beet Powder Used?

Since beet powder is a natural colorant, it is also used as a natural coloring in food coloring.
It is used in many pastries (bread, pasta, pizza etc.), soup, sauce, meat-fish-chicken dishes. A colored mixture is obtained by mixing it in yogurt, kefir, milk and water. It can be used in children’s foods as well.

What Are the Benefits of Beet Powder?

Since it increases body resistance, you can mix it with water or milk before or after training.
Since it has an antioxidant effect, you can mix it with your detox drinks and consume them.

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