What Is Beet Powder

What Is Beet Powder? HOW IS IT PRODUCED?

What Is Beet Powder? HOW IS IT PRODUCED?

Beets grown in season are carefully collected and cleaned. The cleaned beet roots are dried at a certain temperature for a certain period of time.

After the drying process, which is made in a way that the color and aroma, especially the vitamins and minerals in beets, are not lost, they are powdered in special mills without adding any additives. It does not contain any additives, does not contain gluten.

Where Is Beet Powder Used?

Since beet powder is a natural colorant, it is also used as a natural coloring in food coloring.
It is used in many pastries (bread, pasta, pizza etc.), soup, sauce, meat-fish-chicken dishes. A colored mixture is obtained by mixing it in yogurt, kefir, milk and water. It can be used in children’s foods as well.

What Are the Benefits of Beet Powder?

Since it increases body resistance, you can mix it with water or milk before or after training.
Since it has an antioxidant effect, you can mix it with your detox drinks and consume them.

Onion Powder

Onion Powder – How to use onion powder?

Onion Powder

The onions which are grown in aegean region are carefully selected and cleaned.

It is dried at a certain temperature without losing its vitamins, minerals and aroma. It is carefully ground and powdered in a special mill without adding any additives.

Usage areas of onion powder;

Onion powder is used in the preparation of many foods, especially pastries.

Places where onion powder is used;

Bread, ravioli, pasta, pizza, pastry, etc. pastries. It is easily used to give aroma and taste in many dishes, especially soup, sauce, meat – fish – chicken – vegetable dishes.

How to use onion powder?

Onion powder can be mixed with water and added to soups. It can be added to the dough. It does not contain any additives and Gluten.

garlic powder

Garlic Powder – Where Can Be Garlic Power Used?


Specially produced garlics are dried and turned into powder. Get rid of the trouble of chopping garlic by using garlic power. It is also an important source for our health as well and it can be use in every meal.


After careful selection of the garlic, the cleaning process begins.

The cleaned garlics are dried at a certain temperature. During this process vitamins, minerals which contains in garlic are not harmed. After this, garlics which are dried are pulverized in a special mill.


Garlic powder can be use wherever you use garlic. It is suitable in every type of meal especially it can used directly in yogurt.

You can use the garlic powder in any food you want to get the garlic taste.

Since the garlic itself is used during the production process of garlic powder, it does not contain any additives.

Organik Pul Biber

Garlic Powder – Where Can Be Garlic Power Used?

Ready Made Tarhana Soup

Ready Made Tarhana Soup& Baby Tarhana Soup

It is made in a natural way and does not contain preservatives. It is the first ready made Tarhana Soup in Turkey

Children above 6 month can consume Ready made Baby Tarhana Soup without any problem.

Tombul Organic Tarhana

Tombul Organic Tarhana & Tombul Organic Tarhana For Baby & Child

Tombul Organic Tarhana does not contain any preservatives and colorings. It obtains organic farm certificates and is produces with the rules of organic farming.

Additionally, Tombul Organic Tarhana for Baby&Child is acceptable for children above6 months of age and is very helpful fort the growth of behavioral capabilities and funchtioning during their childhood.

Natural Drying

Natural Drying


Tombul Tarhana Fermantation period starts with adding wheat germ powder, kapia peppers, fresh tomatoes, fresh yoghurt, mint, onion and sourdough after the fermantation, it is dried in small rooms without any sunlight. At the end, with a mill it is turned into smaller pieces by grinding.

Production Process

Production Process

Tombul Tarhana is a natural and an organic product which is produced in a traditional way. Tombul Tarhana is not only high in vitamins and other nutiants, but also they are not as likely as other foods which are contains colorings and preservahires Although it is produced only is summer, it can also enjoyed everyday in a year.