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Office:  KEMAL ÇELTİK –Tombul Tarım Gemi Kumanya Organik Gıda Ürünleri İth. İhr. San ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Adress :  Karacaoğlan Mah. 6169 Sk. No:8/22 Menaş İş Merkezi Işıkkent / Bornova / İzmir

Production Place: Tombul Doğal ve Organik Gıda. Tekstil, İnşaat Turizm Taşımacılık San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti
Adress: : Tavşanlı – Kütahya

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Telefon : 0(232) 232 66 88
: 0(232) 472 00 20

Fax       :0 (232) 243 60 80



Our Pruduct

Our product

It is produced with the choice of 250gr, 500gr, 1kg and 5kg packages and does not contain any preservatives

Ready Made Tarhana Soup

Ready Made Tarhana Soup& Baby Tarhana Soup

It is made in a natural way and does not contain preservatives. It is the first ready made Tarhana Soup in Turkey

Children above 6 month can consume ready made Baby Tarhana Soup without any problem.

Tombul Organic Tarhana

Tombul Organic Tarhana & Tombul Organic Tarhana For Baby & Child

Tombul Organic Tarhana does not contain any preservatives and colorings. It obtains organic farm certificates and is produces with the rules of organic farming.

Additionally, Tombul Organic Tarhana for Baby&Child is acceptable for children above 6 months of age and is very helpful for the growth of behavioral capabilities and funchtioning during their childhood.

Natural Drying

Natural Drying


Tombul Tarhana Fermantation period starts with adding wheat germ powder, kapia peppers, fresh tomatoes, fresh yoghurt, mint, onion and sourdough after the fermantation, it is dried in small rooms without any sunlight. At the end, with a mill it is turned into smaller pieces by grinding.

How is it produced?

How is it produced?

Tombul Tarhana is a natural and an organic product which is produced in a traditional way. Tombul Tarhana is not only high in vitamins an other nutiants, but also they are not as likely as other foods are to contains colorings and preservatives. Although it is produced only is summer, it can also enjoyed everyday in a year.